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Ooh, your food pictures are making my mouth water and my stomach rumble! I'm off to Canada at the end of this week, but probably won't get as much seafood as I'm from Alberta.

And, this week I was in our local MaxValu and I found a recipe in their recipe giveaway stand for Bulgaria Moussaka. You might be able to find it in a MaxValu or a Aeon/Jusco. It has yogurt in it, hence the name I think. If you use a Japanese recipe, you should be able to find the ingredients.

Off to dream of poutine! 3 more sleeps :-)


Canadian dim sum looks pretty authentic, just like they have in Hong Kong. Although the dumplings shouldn't have broken skin...


While you were staying in Canada, I went to Japan and had my belly full with all those delicious meals. I miss Japanese cuisine already... Have to recall the beautiful memories by looking at the photos taken of everything I have eaten there ;P


Lots of delicious food pictures:). I am mouthwatering.
My mom makes that eggplant dish often. The oil compliments the eggplant, without it just doesn't tatste good. I like to eat it with hot steamy rice. She also stuff the filling with tofu, bellpeppers, bittermelon, mushrooms and chilli peppers. It's so good. Haha, I now suddenly know what i want for dinner.
By the way, well made dumplings shouldn't be broken like that.


I am in awe of your museum photos--they turned out so well. Thanks for linking back to my blog (although I suspect it'll be a disappointment in comparison).

The next time you and Hideaki visit, I'm having you over for authentic, homemade moussaka (it's been known to convert vegetable-haters)...


You weren't walking around near Takadanobaba today were you?

Albany Jane

Oh man, even with the broken skins, all-day dim sum sounds excellent!

And oh, the calamari - Good Greek food is one heckof a treat.


Dumpling wrappers should never break. True test for a good dim-sum place is to order Har-gaw(shrimp steamed dumpling). The wrap should be thin and transluscent yet durable. The size and freshness of the shrimp weighs strongly if other dishes should be forthcoming. When you're in town next time, try Pearl at Queens Quay. Bit pricey but worth it.

bedroom dresser

Thanks for sharing the photos! I miss eating dim sums! And the spare ribs were great and perfect!


Oh, my goodness, I got homesick and hungry looking at those photos. Canada has the most amazing variety of cuisines... Tokyo would be the best city in the world if it had a good, cheap dimsum place (I had good but expensive yumcha at Roppongi Hills) and a Greek restaurant where you could smash plates with abandon and dine on satsiki and moussaka and kababs...

I indulged in a big plate of mussels at a Gibsons, British Columbia pub back in August on a trip home to Canuckistan. Awesome food there!

Lovely photos of the museum, too.


I'm only familiar with the dim sum places in the northern suburbs of Toronto (Scarborough, Richmond Hill) so I can't really compare, but in those parts of town, dim sum is a way of life. To my knowledge they are excellent and you can't beat the price. I hope you make it up there one day. As for the dumpling skins, I never paid attention to it but I don't recall seeing a lot of broken ones. That said, the Japanese take much more care over aesthetics in food than anyone else. There are some standard dipping sauces for certain dim sum, for example red vinegar, but otherwise the soy sauce is not really used at the table. Non-Chinese seem to enjoy dousing their food with it though...


Oh my God, the pictures of the dim sum look soooo good. You are lucky. Haven't had dim sum in ages. There is good Korean food in nearby Atlanta, but no good Chinese food.


Hi nice post :D Regarding the dimsum, the skin should not break! Probably the chef preparing the wrap wasn't skilled enough, or was careless. The best dimsum are in Cantonese restaurants. These little snacks originated in China after all :) Hong Kong is a country with awesome dimsum since it is a predominantly Cantonese country. I love hargao (crystal shrimp in a translucent flour wrap)! Yum!


Thank you all for the comments, especially for letting me know about the broken skins. The flavour was excellent so I wonder if maybe they save the duds for us ignorant non-Chinese customers?

Thanks for letting me know about moussaka in Japan, now that I know it's doable I'll definitely try to make it.

Aspasia, I cannot wait!

Al, I haven't been to Takadanobaba in ages, so alas that wasn't me.

Amado, Pearl was our original plan but it turned out the only day we could do it was Gay Pride day, and getting into the city would have been tough.

Erizabesu, we once paid 8000 yen for a dimsum brunch in Shinjuku. Very good, and came in proper carts and all, but geez!

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